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uh, okay, this is really hurried and out of the blue because my brain clearly is not only odd and slightly masochistic, but also slow, and i've got, like, twenty-four hours before she's going to be gone, and i'm crying as i'm typing this because wow, do i not want her to be gone, but at least i want her to remember me while she's gone. (as if the thousands of emails i'm going to send her isn't going to prevent her from forgetting me even if she wanted to, but y'all know what i mean!) so. i need your help, flist, and i need it fast. (i am mentally whacking myself in the brain for coming up with this NOW, like, one day or so before she leaves, jesus.)

i need songs, any songs you've got, that would fit on a cd that i'm sending with my alwayswillbe-best friend when she's leaving to canada for a year. i need songs that say "hey, i love you so much you cant even begin to imagine it, i really hope you will have an awesome time and see lots of great things and experience and live and laugh and love and feel and find new friends and new stuff to make your life complete but i am a little selfish and i really really do not know what to do with myself without you and i'll miss you so hey, just to remind you, i love you". i need songs that say exactly that, so if you've got anything, please upload it for me/tell me where i can find it? serious heartshaped cookies and giant hugs for you all if you help me?
(also, proper update in a few hours, when i'm not freaking out quite as much/have a little less to do \o/)
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