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This journal will be mostly Friends Only from now on, for reasons not entirely clear even for myself. Want to friend me? YAY! Just drop me a comment here telling me a little about yourself - your name, age and where on the planet you are, for example, and something more about yourself always causes gleefacing - and I'll probably friend you back, I'm not picky! \o/
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The US elections guaranteed that I got about 1½ hours of sleep last night, and now my head hurts like a motherfucker. WHATEVER, IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT, BECAUSE OH MY GOD, BARACK OBAMA ♥!!! I'M AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ~WORLD, AND I CRIED WHEN I SAW THE RESULTS? I TOTALLY CRIED. Oh my god. Oh my god, this is AMAZING, OMG ALL YOU GUYS I AM SO PROUD AND SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND OMG. OMG NOT COHERENT, OK. OH MY GOD, you guys already said it all. I AM SO HAPPY.

I cried in the morning, when I saw the results - I've been going HOMG IS THIS FOR REAL? LIKE, FOR REAL FOR REAL? all day, because half of the time it has felt like a dream (WHY IS THIS EVEN AFFECTING ME SO MUCH? I'M IN FINLAND! IDK, IDK, BUT IT IS. IT IS, AND I LOVE IT.) and I watched the speech when I got home tonight. AND I CRIED, I CRIED SO MUCH, OH MY GOD. He is such an awesome speaker, OMG. OH MY HEARTSTRINGS. THEY ARE TUGGED. \o/

ALSO. [ profile] soundslikerawr WROTE 'OBAMA' ACROSS MY FACE WITH RED AND BLUE SHARPIES IN SCHOOL TODAY - I DID THE SAME TO HER, BECAUSE WE'RE ~OPINIONATED, OKAY :DD -, AND I DIDN'T REMOVE IT UNTIL WHEN I GOT HOME 8 HOURS LATER. If it hadn't been for the tiny little detail of HOLY SHIT, OBAMA WINNING THE ELECTION???, this might have been the best thing today. As it is now, it's the second best! \o/



Nov. 3rd, 2008 07:46 am
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LOL I AM IN SUCH A HURRY. and still writing this. wth. ANYWAY, MONDAY MORNING! WHOO!

1) I have no clean socks, apparently?
2) Newly washed jeans are a bitch to try and get into. UNGH.
3) I burned my finger on the curling iron and now it huuuurts
4) I SMELL PORRIDGE. SOMEONE'S MAKING PORRIDGE. (lol I just started typing out 'horrible' instead of porridge? IS MY BRAIN TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING?) I HATE PORRIDGE. uh.
5) I just found out I have a Swedish test today, and I haven't studied to it. WOOHOO!
6) SHIP ME UP? \o/
i ship it.

Do iiit, I wanna know who you guys would pair me up with! (-insert inappropriate eyebrow wriggling-). Aaand now I have to run, so I will do you all (-insert MORE inappropriate eyebrow wriggling here-) when I get home tonight, okay? okay! Wish me luck! *runs off to learn stuff*
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HOLY SHIT FALL OUT BOY, MY HEAAAAAAAAAART OMG. I can't even. I'm stunned speechless, okay, What A Catch, Donnie? Yeah. Speechless, I tell you. \o/ (PATRICK'S VOICEEEEEEEEE! *dies*) and fuck you Island. >.<

I am munching on a yellow, ghost-shaped doughnut, courtesy of Stockmann (thank you, Hullut Päivät!) and What A Catch is echoing through the whole house and I have glögg (it's mulled wine, I guess, only alcohol-free, and yes I know it's a Christmas drink, BUT IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS ALREADY, INNIT? and I always start drinking it in, like, October, because it's awesome and CHRISTMAS! \o/) and it's Tuesday morning and I have no school and yes, okay, life is awesome. :D

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you!
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MY MOMMY IS HOME! ♥♥ She got home from India yesterday, and I was all \o/! all day (except for in the afternoon when I totally fell asleep in my dad's lap and drooled all over his nice trousers whoops!, ahaha). I CAN HAS A MUM AGAIN! MOMMYYY! /is not so seekritly a dork and also proud of it

Also, meme time! WHOO! It's stolen from [ profile] sinuous_curve, thanks! \o/ ♥

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now,(even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.

Seriously, you guys, do iiiiitt! I want to know what you all can come up with, eheheheeee. \o/
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holy shit there has been another school shooting, only four hours from here. im sitting in the school library and i have to go right back to Finnish, but all we're doing is listening to the radio and the emergency news they're playing over and over again. it's apparently one of the older students in an industrial college in Kauhajoki who ran into the school and just started shooting randomly and they don't even know how many victims there are but now he shot himself, too. but oh no, it doesn't even end with that, ebcause they think he's planted a bomb in the school? and wow, this is like a repeat of Jokela last November, except for that Jokela didn't have a bomb, and holy shit im so scared shitless right now, guys, my fingers are shaking and they just play the news all over and over again. another school shooting, and it hasn't even been a year since the last one, and what the hell. i have to go back to Finnish now.

love you all guys so much. this creeps me out - and reminds me of how thankful i am that you're all alive and existing. <3, guys.
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uh, okay, this is really hurried and out of the blue because my brain clearly is not only odd and slightly masochistic, but also slow, and i've got, like, twenty-four hours before she's going to be gone, and i'm crying as i'm typing this because wow, do i not want her to be gone, but at least i want her to remember me while she's gone. (as if the thousands of emails i'm going to send her isn't going to prevent her from forgetting me even if she wanted to, but y'all know what i mean!) so. i need your help, flist, and i need it fast. (i am mentally whacking myself in the brain for coming up with this NOW, like, one day or so before she leaves, jesus.)

i need songs, any songs you've got, that would fit on a cd that i'm sending with my alwayswillbe-best friend when she's leaving to canada for a year. i need songs that say "hey, i love you so much you cant even begin to imagine it, i really hope you will have an awesome time and see lots of great things and experience and live and laugh and love and feel and find new friends and new stuff to make your life complete but i am a little selfish and i really really do not know what to do with myself without you and i'll miss you so hey, just to remind you, i love you". i need songs that say exactly that, so if you've got anything, please upload it for me/tell me where i can find it? serious heartshaped cookies and giant hugs for you all if you help me?
(also, proper update in a few hours, when i'm not freaking out quite as much/have a little less to do \o/)
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This is the kind of day when you curl up on the sofa with your favourite socks and hoodie and a cup of hot chocolate and watch a sappy movie. It's the kind of day when you go to bed early just to listen to the steady pattering of the rain on the roof and the really really mad wind, because it's so loud you just can't avoid hearing it, no matter how loud you blast McFly in the speakers in your room and ABBA in the living room. It's the kind of day where you spend hours on the phone with a friend without really even saying anything, just because you need to know that you're not alone when the treebranches crack outside. It's the kind of day when you get down your Tove Jansson-books from the shelf and re-read Pappan och Havet or Sent i November (Moominpappa at Sea and Moominvalley in November) because they just fit so, so perfectly. (And because the Moomin books will never not be some of the best books ever to be written, so!) It's the kind of day when Not Alone makes you curl up and want to cry, but not from sadness. It's the kind of day when everything inside is dim, and yellow, and soft, and warm, and everything outside is cold, and sharp, and wet, and greyish, and just being home, inside, is safe.

(It's NOT the day to spend hours in the park with the Kid, watching him being totally fascinated by the way the raindrops hit the water in the duckpond. Just saying. /o\)

I was going to make a post that makes more sense - or, you know, makes sense at all -, but. I am in a very weird mood. \o/